Junior Tennis Program


Killara Lawn tennis Club provides a variety of junior programs conducted by Inspire Tennis, including Tennis Australia’s Tennis Hot Shots coaching program, performance squads, competitions and holiday programs and more.

We also host children’s birthday parties.

Tennis Lessons for Kids

Ages 2.5 – 18 years

Inspire Tennis conducts high quality junior tennis coaching courses and tennis lessons for kids that are fun, innovative and provide a learning pathway for every child.

Our tennis lessons cater to kids aged 2.5 years and above, with all tennis programs structured around both player enjoyment and improvement. Our objective is to ensure children are taught the fundamentals of tennis in an enjoyable, rewarding and competitive environment.

We partner with Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia to ensure we deliver the best quality tennis training.  Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots Program is the fun way for kids to learn how to play tennis. Smaller courts, nets, racquets and low-compression balls make learning easy and give younger players the chance to serve, rally and score right from the first time they play.

Children progress through the development stages, with ball compression and court size increasing in line with their development. This gradual progression improves skills and prepares them to play on a full-size court with a yellow ball.

We also offer performance pathway tennis training for the juniors who want to reach the highest levels in the game.

Our bus shuttle service ensures our junior tennis coaching programs and tennis lessons for kids of all ages are easily accessible!

Blue Ball / Multisport Program

(Ages 2.5 – 6 years)

This multi-sport program is designed to develop physical, emotional and fundamental skills for pre-school aged children. The program includes a range of kids sports activities – a great introduction to tennis, cricket, soccer, basketball and t-ball.

Classes are available weekday mornings from 9:30am and at same time as Ladies Tennis Clinics – so Mum can have a lesson at the same time!

Tennis Hot Shots Red Ball

(Ages 4 – 6 years)

Play on mini tennis courts with 25% compression balls!

The Red Program involves group kids tennis lessons, team-based events and games designed to improve self confidence, gross motor skills and the ability to rally in a fun environment.

Tennis Hot Shots Orange Ball

(Ages 7 – 10 years)

Play on 3/4 tennis courts with 50% compression balls!

The Orange Program involves group tennis lessons for kids, stroke development, individual and team based events and games designed to increase self confidence, rallying ability and challenge tactical development in a fun environment.

Tennis Hot Shots Green Ball

(Ages 9+ years)

Play on a full size tennis court with 75% compression balls!

The Green Program involves group tennis coaching for kids, stroke and tactical development. The program prepares children for tennis tournaments and tennis competitions and school tennis in a fun environment. Physical and mental components are introduced for the more advanced players through singles and doubles match play.

Yellow Ball Squads

(Ages 12 – 16 years)

Play full court tennis with 100% compression ball!

The Yellow Tennis Coaching Program involves stroke, tactical, psychical and mental development through group tennis lessons and both singles and doubles match play. The program prepares children for tennis competitions, school tennis, tennis tournaments and performance pathway training in a fun environment.

Confirm availability in the class of your choice today.

Holiday Programs

Inspire Tennis’ School Holiday Programs are fun, exciting and provide a learning pathway for every child and are a brilliant way to spend over 20 hours per week improving kids tennis skills, or there is flexibility with casual bookings if preferred. School Holiday Programs are held every week of the holiday periods – rain, hail or shine!

Children’s Parties

Killara Lawn Tennis Club is an excellent venue to hold your child’s next birthday party. Inspire Tennis conduct a clinic jam packed with fun and games to ensure every child has a great time.  Party packages include venue hire, equipment and tennis or mutli-sport games conducted by our professional coaches.

Private Lessons


Improve strokes, tactics, match play or just practice your game against the coaches.

Available 7 days during the day and most evenings.

High Performance Program

Inspire Tennis run a performance tennis academy program that caters for the players who want to reach the highest levels of the game.

Our tennis coaching team is committed to providing players with the necessary tools to build their game and reach their potential. Our Head Tennis coaches have a proven track record in developing successful junior players from the tennis academy, with years of experience and training behind them.

Inspire Tennis runs various levels of performance tennis academy programs. Our selective program fast-tracks the learning of some of our development level kids, training 2-3 times per week and is aimed at kids who are starting to take the sport more seriously. Our high performance programs are for the well established, highly ranked juniors who are achieving results in Australian ranking tennis tournaments.

Players work on a range of different aspects of the game as well as skills in discipline, focus, mental toughness, confidence, decision making and more. Inspire Tennis gives children the necessary resources to build their tennis game and reach their potential on and off the tennis court.